Yasmine ghomel egyptain demigod of set god of evil

jasmine ghomel is the only child of Kane and Riley ghomel. she was born secretly as the daughter of set god of evil on the night of his first escape  from his imprisonment. she is known as one of the most powerful in both magician and demigod's at the magic institute along with her girlfriend named Amina Harvey 


Yasmine was born in Dublin Ireland with her father Kane ghomel and her mother Riley ghomel . when only five she meet her to be the best friend and future girlfriend Amina Harvey in  Newquay on a holiday. only she saw Amina in the British summer holidays they stayed in touch until age 13  when their parents banned each other from seeing each other after a family feud which would last for 5 more years.

they only could see each other 2 times in 2 years once in summer than at Christmas to give presents to each other.  both each other envied the other because of what they had though Yasmine had a  hard life at home with family arguments at night and no talking in the morning nothing else happened.

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a child of the evil book 2Edit


Yasmine is a rebel type person who many hate but inspire to be like . she can be protective over her friends and mother and makes sure of people's life is before hers. she tends to not to show her other emotions so she does not show weakness to  her enemies 

though being the daughter of set she is known to be very loyal in many cases like when fighting amina when pretending to be mind controlled by her father in which she pretended she was hurt so amina would win the fight . she is known as being one of the most powerful magicians and demigods in the magic institute which people would ask her how she did it to be the best. she was destined to go against magicians and go on her father side which amina knew another destiny which she does but pretends but forgets after Yasmine wipes that memory .


from motherEdit

Hieroglyphic Spells: yasmine is limited on how much she can do which she can summon a magic book wands and magical items not powerful things though she got taught by amina  who could do it better than her

Portal Summoning : unlike amina she was good at summoning portals and uses them in dangerous situations like when they got captured which she got the good skill from her mother Fire Magic : she is limited to fire magic where she can heat up her body when cold or when in Antarctica in the first book

  ===from father===Edit

Storm Magic: she is able to use her weather powers the best out of her fathers powers in her in which she uses lightning to attack her father many times she uses her staff and hands while using the power  Telekinesis: yasmine is skilled in telekenises like shown when she levited everything in the room when first using telekinsis  Demon Wings:yasmine can transform herself to look like her demon form and half demon when she chooses  

magical itemsEdit

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